Supervisor Scott Wiener Comes Out About Using Anti-HIV PrEP Pill


In an essay published Wednesday on Huffington Post, Supervisor Scott Wiener confessed that he uses of Truvada, a pill that reduces the risk of HIV transmission among its users. Truvada is a pre-exposure prophylaxis, commonly known as PrEP, that can reduce the risk of HIV transmission by as much as 99 percent.

“As an elected official, disclosing this personal health decision was a hard but necessary choice,” Wiener wrote in the essay, titled 'Coming Out of the PrEP Closet.' “After all these years, we still see enormous stigma, shame, and judgment around HIV, and around sexuality in general. That is precisely why I decided to be public about my choice: to contribute to a larger dialogue about our community's health.”

[jump] Wiener's announcement followed Supervisor David Campos' introduction of a resolution that, if approved, would provide PrEP to all San Franciscans who want to take it, regardless of income. Campos estimates that less than 1,000 locals currently have access to the drug. 

“People don't need to continue to get infected, and we know that PrEP has the potential to help stop the epidemic in its tracks by ending new HIV infections,” Wiener wrote. 

The state of New York already provides access to PrEP through its public healthcare program. 

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