Teens Donate $10k to SFUSD for School Lunches

A couple of plucky teenagers have raised $40,000 for school lunches for the underprivileged, and handed $10,000 of that to SFUSD.

Woodley Wonderworks/Flickr

Two West Palm Beach high school seniors are on a mission to make sure every kid in America gets a school lunch, regardless of whether a child’s parents can pay. They’ve started a program called School Lunch Fairy, which thus far has raised more than $40,000 — and they’ve donated $10,000 of that to the San Francisco Unified School District.

As SF Weekly discovered last February, both San Francisco and Oakland Unified School Districts do serve lunch to kids who can’t pay. But the School Lunch Fairy had rewarded both districts with donations to help pay off the debt from those unpaid tabs.

“We are happy to announce that we just made a $10,000 donation to the San Francisco Unified School District to pay down school lunch debt,” one of those high school seniors, Christian  Cordon-Cano, tells SF Weekly. “We are very impressed with the school district´s effort to provide every student a hot meal, regardless of their ability to pay. Because of their commitment to ensuring every child gets a meal, the SFUSD does carry debt from unpaid meal charges. We would like to contribute to paying down that debt.”

School Lunch Fairy has also planned a $500 donation to the Oakland Unified School District, and has already disbursed $1,000 to the San Diego Unified School District and $1,000 to the Murrieta Unified School District,

“We are hoping to keep finding ways to inspire generous individuals across the country to help us end school hunger in America,” Cordon-Cano says.

You can donate to School Lunch Fairy online. Or if you’d prefer to make direct donations to the districts, SFUSD has an online school lunch donations page, while Oakland Unified accepts check at OUSD Nutrition Services, 900 High Street, Oakland, CA 94601.

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