Teens May Be Jailed For Scaling Golden Gate Bridge - August 17, 2017 - SF Weekly
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Teens May Be Jailed For Scaling Golden Gate Bridge

(Screenshot Of Video By PeterTeatime / YouTube)

Way back in April, teenagers Thomas James Rector and Peter Cameron Kurer snuck onto Golden Gate Bridge’s west pathway (normally reserved for cyclists), and hoisted themselves up onto the iconic red cables. The daredevil duo clambered all the way to the top, where they somersaulted, hung off cables by one arm, balanced on the edges of sharp drops — and filmed the entire thing.

If you missed the video of their antics, check it out below:


Four months later, the justice system is catching up to their crime. According to Bay City News, the pair is being charged by Marin authorities for misdemeanor trespassing and climbing on a toll bridge. If found guilty, they could each receive up to a year in jail.

Previous bridge climbers have suffered similar consequences:  A man who was caught climbing the bridge four years ago — and who was required to travel for work — was forced to undergo a career change as a result of his crime. “When the investigation was completed, our federal partners placed the individual on a Do Not Fly list, which resulted in that person losing their job,” said Priya David Cameron, spokesperson for the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District.

The men must appear for arraignment in San Rafael on Sept. 12.