Tenderloin Liquor Store Sells $2M Lottery Ticket

The lucky 29-year-old already has plans for her winnings.

Photo: Kevin Y./Yelp

Bich Ha’s 29th birthday came with a present most only dream of: a winning lottery ticket. Her father bought her a Crossword Deluxe Scratcher at Woerner’s Liquor at 901 Geary St. earlier this month — which through some hefty luck, resulted in a $2 million prize. “He said, ‘[You] won a lot of money!’” recalls Ha, who immediately texted her husband Calvin Yee at work. 

“I thought something bad happened,” Yee says. “I rushed over there. She’s always talking about it, in terms of what to do in the future. This has been really exciting.”

For years Ha had been concerned about caring for her aging parents. “As an only child, I was always wishing I had more siblings,” she says. Now that she has the money, she wants to find them secure housing in San Francisco — and then purchase something for herself and her husband nearby. 

But the lucky ticket doesn’t just benefit Ha and her family — Woerner’s Liquor will receive a $10,000 bonus as part of the package. And the store may see a boost in lottery ticket sales as well, as the superstitious and hopeful line up to try their luck. 

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