Terri Weissinger, Sonoma Woman, Trapped at SFO for Eight Days Thanks to Baggage Fees

You thought your trip to the airport was a nightmare. Terri Weissinger, a native of Sonoma County, truly experienced a new kind of flying fiasco.

Broke and tired of the Northern California expenses, Weissinger was looking for a fresh start; she booked a one-way ticket to Idaho through Orbitz.com. Unfortunately, she had a little more time in California than she anticipated — eight days to be exact. Because she booked her flight before a new federal law went into

effect requiring ticket brokers to disclose all hidden fees, Weissinger didn't know about the extra $60 U.S. Airways would charge at the airport to

check her additional bags.

With only $30 left to her name, she had no money to pay the extra fees. So she was stuck at SFO — for eight miserable days.

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