“The bad guy squealed like a pig and hit the ground like a sack…” — 20 seconds in Hell

It's not generally The Snitch's role to post information or news about the Iraq War (or anything involving the U.S. military, for that matter, unless it intimately involves someone or something in our backyard). But last night after work, relaxing with a beer and reading the soon-to-be-old June issue of Harper's, I came across a boxed-out feature in their “Readings” section that deserves attention. It's a synopsized report from Staff Sgt. Paul McCully, during a post-action interview for the Army Combatives School. The subscription link is here, but if you don't subscribe to Harper's (I don't either), you can see an extended version of the report here — on “Some Random Firefighter's” MySpace page, under the headline “This is why you don't mess with Army.”

To that end, this is why you don't mess with Army:

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