The Depths of Cybersleaze

Cyberporn bulletin board operators Robert and Carleen Thomas were convicted on obscenity charges by a jury in Memphis, one of the most conservative communities in the country. But the Milpitas couple would have a hard time finding any jury — even in open-minded San Francisco — able to see any serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value in the graphics interchange format files (GIFs) and videotapes they offered to members.

The videos and GIFs that led to the couple's conviction are listed below as written and posted by Robert Thomas on the AABBS, and submitted as evidence in the obscenity counts:

K17: A masked man breaks into a house and ties up a young housewife! He fondles her tits and pussy and rips off her panty hose, panties and bra! He handcuffs her and she screams as he rapes her! Her girlfriend arrives home and he holds a gun to her head and forces her to suck his thick cock! He rips off her clothes and attaches electrical wires to her hairless pussy and plugs in the wires to a wall socket! She screams in pain when he plugs in the electricity! He pulls out her tampon and stuffs it in her girlfriend's mouth! He puts thumb tack on a table and the whore sits on them! … The girls scream with pain throughout the whole video! Excellent Action!

K39: Shot “LIVE” on video in the USA! The nastiest video in the world! A young slut gets humiliated by a kinky guy! He slaps her face and makes her lick his boots! He kicks her boobs and slaps the slut's sexy ass! He squats and shits on her and sits on her face and makes her tongue his dirty shit-covered asshole! She licks his shit-covered asshole until it is clean! The slut has shit all over her face, tits, and her pussy and legs! She gags and vomits! … He writes the word “whore” on her tits, “toilet” on her ass and he writes the word “shit” on her too! This video is excellent quality and very nasty!

K40: This is a very kinky and nasty hard bondage and torture video! A cute slut gets heavy weights clamped onto her hairless pussy lips! Super-stretched cunt lips! He pierces her stretched pussy lips with needles! He pierces her pussy with a long skewer! … She gets over 15 needles into her hairless cunt and asshole! He whips her ass cheeks good and she screams with pain! He pulls the needles out of her hairless pussy and it bleeds! He whips her sore bloody pussy and it bleeds! Lots of blood runs from her pussy onto her asshole! … He hangs big heavy weights from her nipple clamps! This whore is in extreme pain! This is one of the best bondage and torture videos that I have ever seen!

K47: A cute brunette with cute pigtails goes into the bathroom (and) removes her top! She has super-pointed little boobs and puffy areolas! Her mother tells her to take off her panties, then she lubricates her asshole and inserts a thermometer! She lays her daughter over her knees and she inserts the enema nozzle into her daughter's tight asshole! Great closeups of the enema nozzle entering her virgin asshole! … Lots of excellent closeup footage of her smooth young ass cheeks, puckered asshole, peach-fuzz twat, and her super-pointed boobs and super puffy areolas! This girl has an unbelievable young body! Excellent!

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