The Disconnect Between Bourgeoning Journalists and Experienced Editors (re: Steve Jobs, Chronicle, iPhone)

Last week I went on a tour of the SF Chronicle with a dozen high school students who were attending a two-week journalism boot camp at San Francisco State University. We got to sit in on one of the Chronicle’s morning editorial board meetings as they discussed their upcoming stories on the iPhone. At the end of the meeting they asked the kids for feedback on what was discussed. Thomas, one of our more inquisitive and outgoing students, asked flatly “Why are you guys writing so much stuff about the iPhone?” The chief editor, or at least the guy running the meeting, asked the kids if any of them wanted an iPhone, to which everyone answered no. The editors pretty much blew the kids off by saying it was important to cover local industry and trends, and the next few days saw the relentless and mindless over-exposure of the iPhone craze. Now I know that Apple is a Bay Area company, but how far up Steve Job's ass is the editorial department? Does anybody else get sick of reading about this guy?

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