The Weed Bowl: NFL Playoff Games Are in Marijuana Legalization Country

No Joke

The NFL loves booze. It's no coincidence that 10 Super Bowls have been played in New Orleans, the football-loving birthplace of the Mannings and notorious drinking town, where discarded go-cups line the festive path to the Superdome.

Alcohol is without a doubt the drug of choice among NFL fans — a visit to the local liquor store reveals oodles of NFL-related advertising, and beer ads are a staple of any NFL broadcast, no matter how inane — but this weekend something different is going down.

The NFL visits the capital cities of marijuana legalization in America.

Both Seattle and Denver, the biggest cities in the first states to legalize cannabis, are hosting conference championship games on Sunday. And the road teams — including our own San Francisco 49ers — are from areas that also have liberal cannabis laws.

What's this mean? Weed smoke in the tailgate area, for sure, but also a loosening of the NFL's notorious rules on drug use.

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