“The whites. You don't even fuck us anymore.” — Tings Dey Happen, by Dan Hoyle

Why, oh why, didn’t I listen to my own paper’s advice a lot sooner? Months ago, our own Chloe Veltman wrote a raving review of Tings Dey Happen, a solo show by Dan Hoyle. Maybe I was just being cynical, suspecting that some white boy couldn’t teach most of us globally-aware San Franciscans anything about Nigeria and oil politics that we didn’t already know. Or maybe I thought it was going to be all creepy and neocolonial or something. But after hearing countless amazing things about the performance, which has been packing The Marsh on Valencia Street week after week, extension after extension, I couldn’t resist going.

And, yes, it really is phenomenal. By the time a character–which, like all the others, is played by Dan–delivered the “The whites. You don't even fuck us anymore” line, I was pretty much ready to cry. It’s only playing for a few more days, which is unfortunate because I can’t rush out and buy tickets for all my friends who haven’t seen it yet. But I do promise to see Dan Hoyle’s next show immediately, like on opening night. — Mary Spicuzza

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