This Just in (From Germany!): Walgreens to Buy Seven San Francisco Rite Aids

Seven more Walgreens — and their wonderful billboards — are headed for S.F.

The ubiquitous San Francisco corner Walgreens store is about to grow even more so: The drugstore chain, only slightly less prevalent in the city than chinese restaurants or sand, has entered into a deal to purchase seven Rite Aid stores in the city (and five more in Eastern Idaho; that was likely the “player to be named later” in this transaction).

“Acquiring these San Francisco stores improves our presence in a competitive market and will help us better serve our customers,” said Walgreens' market vice president for San Francisco, William J. Hose. Hose, apparently, said this with a straight face, even though his chain already operated no fewer than 59 stores within San Francisco's 49 square miles.

In any event, the soon-to be Walgreens are located at:

  • 1300 Bush St.

  • 5280 Geary Blvd.

  • 1496 Market St.

  • 776 Market St.

  • 200 West Portal Ave.

  • 1830 Ocean Ave.

  • 3931 Alemany Blvd.

But perhaps what's most fascinating about this story is how far it has been disseminated. Originally posted on Business Wire, it was picked up by Yahoo! and then reposted on the online version of the German newspaper  Die Welt (The World).

Look, Germany, you are not helping to shrink San Francicans' swollen egos if you decide that seven drugstores changing hands in our fair city is suddenly international news. The Chronicle will not be writing about pharmacy matters in Düsseldorf, so you don't owe us anything.

On the other hand, the stories accompanying the Walgreens piece were truly entertaining:

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