This Sure Is a Small Space for Such a Rousing Manifesto

Let us consider the name: Sucka Free City. Local historians believe this now-common euphemism for San Francisco to have originated in the Fillmore, though, as with most slang, the evidence is foggy.

To begin with, there is the distinction itself: “sucka-free.” We find the first documented appearance of the term occurring in the 1994 song “Playaz Club,” by the musician Rappin 4-Tay (just out of jail, he is; welcome home 4-Tay!). To wit: “Me and my homies we tighter than a glove/ Chop a lot of game is how we do it at the playaz club/ Check the fool or kick it in the tub/ Cuz we kick much ass at the sucka-free club.”

And just who or what is a “sucka”? Through “Playaz Club” we can begin to discern a picture. A sucka is someone prone to “poppin' off at the lip,” the kind of person who might be inclined to “sweat” your “game,” who might try to stop you from pursuing your, as it were, “paper chase.” Extrapolating just a smidge, a sucka is someone whose allegiances lie outside of the chosen cause of the given club, someone within whom feelings of greed or jealousy or pride or fear might provoke actions that run counter to the integrity and sound reputation of the club.

Such an individual is not to be tolerated.

Hence, if one were to start a club, and if this club had ideals that it wished to not only preserve, but exemplify, one would, as Mr. 4-Tay has wisely indicated, keep it sucka-free.

It is with this in mind that I humbly introduce you to a newly formed outpost here at SF Weekly — Sucka Free City — wherein bullshit's ass is grass and SFC the lawn mower, wherein culture of all kinds (e.g., politics, the arts, jogging …) will find itself exposed to the harsh but loving gaze of rational, magnanimous, relatively well-educated nonsuckas, individuals who also happen to enjoy the occasional poo joke.


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