Tiny Senior Home in Hayes Valley May Be Demolished

Upzone the old folks' homes!

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Who didn’t see this one coming?

A teensy tiny senior home in bustling Hayes Valley could be on the chopping block. A preliminary project assessment — a first early step in the development process — has been issued for 565-567 Grove St., the site of Belen’s Residential Care Home of the Elderly. The small building, constructed in 1948, is seated on a large (by San Francisco standards) parking lot. As the neighborhood undergoes a building boom, this site has stood out as having been completely untouched. The only activity regularly witnessed at the little building are seniors sitting on their walkers outside, often smoking cigarettes.

The early proposal submitted to the Planning Department includes a complete demolition of the current building. It would instead be replaced with a six-story, 60-foot-tall mixed-use building, which would provide 50 “micro condos” specifically for seniors. A residential care facility is also included in the plan, which could hold 40 beds. Eight off-street parking spots and a large, 3,000-square-foot open space rounds off the proposal. 

The applicant behind the new plan is AgeSong, which owns two other large senior homes adjacent to Belen, as well as a site in Oakland. But co-founder Nader Shabahangi tells SF Weekly that “AgeSong does not own the lot, and we are all in very preliminary explorations to see what is even feasible. We are expecting to know more clearly in January or February, given the holidays, at which point we can pass on what might be helpful for a more complete story and vision.”

We’ll keep you updated.

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