Tower Car Wash Gets Busted Withholding $500K From Immigrant Workers; Keeps City Contract


Today, City Attorney Dennis Herrera announced that Tower Car Wash has agreed to pay workers $500,000 in back wages for unfair legal practices.

Those practices were certainly insidious: For almost four years, employees at Tower arrived at work then waited in a windowless room until their bosses decided there was enough business to let them clock in, according to a lawsuit filed in Superior Court by the City Attorney's Office in August 2011. The wait time allegedly ranged from four to six hours per week, per worker.

On some days, those workers clocked in to wash city-owned vehicles, since Tower Car Wash has a city contract, which netted the company more than $250,000 over the last three years.

So the city went after Tower with a lawsuit, and got the workers the money they earned.

And yet despite getting caught cheating immigrant workers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars of pay while simultaneously accepting tax-payer money, Tower Car Wash still has its contract with the city.

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