Track How Sick the Bay Area Is in Real Time

A virtual cold and flu tracker that shows real-time outbreaks of illnesses is here for the flu seasons, and it’s downright sick.

Screenshot: Sickweather

How bad is this year’s cold, cough, and flu season in the Bay Area and beyond? A newly updated app and web interface can cough up that information for you in real time.

It’s called Sickweather and it’s based in Baltimore, Maryland — but it provides constantly updated illness incidence data for every locality in the nation. That includes animated, five-day common cold, cough, and fever forecasts for San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose.

But the real value in Sickweather is its ability to track individual illnesses by incidence. You can use Sickweather to monitor Bay Area outbreaks of common cold, cough, and fever.

These are not exactly scientific results. The Sickweather methodology is more of an algorithmic scan of social media “indicators of illness”. Still, Sickweather does provide some handy guidance in terms of areas to avoid if you may be coming down with one of the above-mentioned illnesses.

Sickweather also has an app for both iOS and AndroidThe Apple Watch version of the app reports other illnesses like norovirus and pink eye, plus has a “handwashing timer” should you happen to struggle with that sort of thing.

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