'Truth' Takes Back Seat in Health Care Debate

Now he'll be required to send the doll's data to the hospital — and vice versa

Health care, undoubtedly, is the subject du jour. We are in the midst of a crescendo of health care coverage so overpowering and unrelenting — well, it could make you sick. But are we learning anything via the nonstop written and televised coverage regarding the passage of health care reform?

That's hard to say. For many, this has devolved into a matter of personal and political feeling. You're either supporting the president, or supporting the tea-partiers and their Republican enablers. Getting hard facts from health care proponents or opponents about why they feel the way they do often has less to do with premiums and more to do with partisanship.

So, it's hard to find straight talk on health care (though we've found the Kaiser Family Foundation Web site to be helpful — but not easily digestible). And if someone purports to tell you the “truth” — well, that depends on what the definition of the word “truth” is. You don't need to be a psychic to guess how the Examiner — owned by a messianic, conservative billionaire — feels about ObamaCare. Its article this morning was titled “Ten Inconvenient Truths About Obamacare,” a nifty jab at both Obama and Al Gore (the Examiner is also not too hot on global warming).

While the Ex, predictably, trumpets the views of ultra-conservative think tanks to make its points, this article's premises aren't so easy to dismiss. Simply put, some of these things are true — and inconvenient. 

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