Two Airport Chiefs Divert Assets Offshore. One Gets Fired, the Other — SFO Chief John Martin — Stays Put.

According to news reports, starting in 2000 and up to the near-present, Houston Airport Chief Richard Vacar oversaw the diversion of  a reported $1.9 million worth of employee time to a private corporation set up to operate the airport in Quito, Ecuador.

According to an SF Weekly investigation, between 1998 and 2004, San Francisco International Airport Chief John Martin oversaw the diversion of around $2 million to a private corporation set up to operate the airports of Honduras.

Last month Houston Mayor Bill White fired Vacar, suggesting that a well-run airport doesn't have that much excess time for employees to engage in outside business. San Francisco city fathers, however, have remained completely mum on the funds diversion Martin oversaw, despite the fact his employees apparently violated laws preventing government agencies from transferring assets to private parties.

Could it be that San Francisco is even oilier than Houston?

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