Umar Hudson Convicted of Killing Bernal Heights Mother and Raping Her Children

Umar Hudson convicted of stabbing girlfriend to death

A jury convicted Umar Hudson, 35, on charges of stabbing to death Jernell Scott, the mother of his young daughter, and raping two of her other children.

Hudson and Scott met high school and had a relationship together, but broke up before reconciling in 2005. They had a 16-month-old child together at the time that Scott was murdered.

Hudson had been accused of raping Scott's other two daughters, one 13 and one who was 9 years old; this brought him great stress, which prosecutors say ultimately led him to the attack on Scott.

On Apr. 6, 2007, neighbors spotted a man standing over Scott, stabbing her repeatedly. He went inside to change clothes and when he came outside, he attempted to blend in with the crowd of people gathering around Scott, who was naked and bleeding.

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