VIDEO: ISIS Threatens San Francisco — Sort Of

That's Arabic for

San Francisco has the unfortunate honor of appearing in a new propaganda video for the Islamic State released Sunday, no doubt to coincide with the city’s massive Pride celebration, since persecution of LGBT people is a hallmark of deranged fundamentalists.

Several alleged terrorists appear on screen to praise Omar Mateen, the Orlando gay nightclub shooter, and Larossi Abballa, the man who attacked a French police officer and his family June 13, the day after the Orlando shooting.

The trio reportedly encourages more attacks in the U.S. and Europe, and this is when the footage of San Francisco starts to roll (Las Vegas is also threatened, likely for its questionable buffet restaurants). Were we recently visited by some famous fundamentalists?


Scroll toward the end. There’s footage of the Golden Gate Bridge taken from the bicycle path on the west side, then Pine Street looking east toward the Financial District, and finally Powell Street heading north on a cable car — because what kind of terrorist would come all the way out to San Francisco and not ride a moving monument?

Conservative media outlets have been sharing each other’s story on the story, posting supposed screen shots from the video that look an awful lot like Google Street View captures.

The stories are run-of-the-mill right-wing fear-mongering we’ve come to expect from such enlightened news sources. Aggregation site Inquisitr was kind enough to point out that terrorists are prone to making empty threats all the time, which is about the most news we can derive from any of the stories.

It’s certainly unpleasant to think a would-be terrorist is either in San Francisco now or came here to record video footage.

Of course, media-savvy outfits like ISIS could get simple tourist video of basic tourist locations from anywhere. It’s also possible the video was made for some other reason and ISIS in Mosul just obtained the footage or stole it. Many questions.

This is far from the first time San Francisco has been subject to terror threats. Going all the way back to 9/11 and the Golden Gate Bridge, they have been numerous and without merit each time.

Nevertheless, we’ve reached out to the Police Department for comment and are awaiting a reply.

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