Wannabe Cuddle Buddy Stabs Man Who Rejected Her

The victim was sleeping a couple blocks from the 16th Street BART Station.

Caledonia and 15th streets. (Photo courtesy Google Maps)

Many of us know the struggle of finding someone to keep you warm at night, but one woman in the Mission put a disturbing spin on it this week. 

A 32-year-old man was sleeping outside on Caledonia and 15th streets, a couple blocks from the 16th Street BART Station early Monday morning. Around 12:45 a.m., he awoke to a surprise cuddle buddy.

This unsolicited approach by a stranger was not a welcome surprise. The victim told the 57-year-old woman to leave and that’s when things escalated. With a knife in hand, the woman cut the man’s arm and fled. 

She was later arrested and the man was left with non-critical injuries.

The incident serves as a reminder — if anyone needed it — that assault is not the answer to unrequited affection. But also, ask first if you’re desperate to cuddle a stranger.

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