What Can Healthy San Francisco Tell Us About Health Care Bill?

Except for the hipster provision, extending to 26 the age brakeless track bike-riders get to stay on their parents' health insurance, most of the effects of the federal health-care legislation on its way to final passage won't be seen for several years.

So for a view of the unintended consequences of the bill's clauses extending health care coverage to a larger proportion of Americans, it's necessary to take a look at San Francisco, where, as of December, 50,000 locals had signed up for Healthy San Francisco, a program where the uninsured can turn to local government and nonprofit-run clinics for care.

Statistics compiled by the city controller suggest that while numerous San Franciscans have signed up for Healthy San Francisco — and, a study says, they've apparently been happy with their status as newly insured — care for the poor and downtrodden already on the public health care dole may have deteriorated.

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