What Crazy Shit — Literally — Is Fiona Ma Tweeting About Now?

Assemblywoman Fiona Ma's Tweets make us happy — but perhaps not in the manner she intended

Fiona Ma, you never disappoint us — on Twitter.

We make a point of checking the San Francisco Assemblywoman's Twitter feed at least twice a month. So far, we have never failed to find some manner of bizarre hilarity. What can we say — the woman is a Twitter savant.

For example:

Mtg w/ Chris Parker, a tax atty for the Franchise Tax Bd running 4 Bd of Equalization District 2. His 1st job was shoveling manure. Cool!

Wow, where to start? First of all, why would Parker see fit to mention his past service in the shit-shoveling racket to Ma when pumping up his credentials as a candidate for public office? And why would Ma then want to enlighten her Twitter flock about an acquaintance's dealings with fecal matter? Was this Ma's takeaway from this meeting? If so, that's too bad — Parker's Facebook page notes that he is “the only tax attorney running for a board that administers California's taxes.” Shockingly, his interactions with excrement are not mentioned at all.

But at least the shit Ma noted Parker used to handle was the genuine article. In the past, one of her Tweets seemed to imply her former colleague was engaging in petty forgery.

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