Where Are All of Mayor Ed Lee's Endorsements?

Very few groups are pulling strings for Mayor Ed Lee

Mayor Ed Lee might still be a shoo-in among voters, but his popularity has clearly plummeted in and around City Hall. The newly minted mayoral candidate is being passed over by political groups both big and small when it comes to endorsing candidates.

For an incumbent mayor, Lee is certainly getting snubbed; in the last few weeks, the League of Conservation Voters, Central City Democrats, the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, came out with their endorsements — and it wasn't Lee. He did however, secure the third place endorsement with the more moderate Alice B. Toklas LGBT Club, and last night, the Police Officer's Association lumped Lee onto its slate at the last minute under political pressure, a move that insiders are calling a laughable “shitshow.”  

Perhaps the biggest blow came last week when the Democratic Party passed over Lee and voted to throw its support behind City Attorney Dennis Herrera and Supervisor John Avalos. What's even more telling is of the 32 members, only two cast their vote in favor of Lee.

“He's not been gaining a lot of endorsements, and it's surprising,” says Jim

Ross, a local political consultant. “None of the ex-mayors, aside from

Willie Brown, have come out to support him.”

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