Who do you trust less to run your transit system? MUNI, or the City?

Raise your hand if you’ve been stuck on MUNI lately.

I know, I know — that many hands being raised that fast can cause accidents. It was irresponsible of me. But it illustrates the point: we’re all in this together. Every man, woman, transsexual, and seeing eye dog in San Francisco are bound by two things: a hatred for the Bush administration (so cold it burns), and a desire for more reliable public transportation.

We’re stuck with Bush for another 500-odd more days — proving once and for all that the mantra “visualize change” just doesn’t work — but MUNI should be getting better, right?

Yep. They just implemented changes to prevent another “T-line meltdown,” have the system running smoothly, and, with last year’s Proposition E passed, have stable revenues. Sort of. And City Hall’s looking to provide even more funding.

What could possibly go wrong?

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