Who to Hear: Dominant Legs

There is a need for pop in the music world. Not pandering, market-researched, radio-friendly compositions calculated to be hits, but expertly crafted tunes that make you think and move your feet. Ryan Lynch of Dominant Legs is a prime purveyor of such pop. His band's 2011 album, Invitation, was a compendium of to-the-rafter choruses, staccato guitar work, and breezy synth arrangements. In a perfect world, “Hoop of Love” would be a radio staple. Sadly for fans of the San Francisco band, Dominant Legs' original lineup dissolved shortly after the release of Invitation and Lynch relocated to the East Coast. Last year brought some better news: Lynch moved back to San Francisco and restarted his musical project. Once a part of local acts like Girls and Magic Bullets, Lynch says Dominant Legs is now a solo effort, and he's currently working on music for a new album, which he hopes to put out soon. In the interim, he'll be making some live appearances locally, including a gig at the San Francisco Pop Fest, taking place from June 3 to 5. Second acts like this are rare in music. Catch Dominant Legs while you can.

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