Why Didn't SFPD Pursue Material Witness Warrant for Wilfredo Reyes, Suspect in Triple Homicide?

Edwin Ramos

Since June 2008, Edwin Ramos has claimed that Wilfredo Reyes was the shooter who killed Tony Bologna and his two sons. So when Reyes was arrested earlier this week, District Attorney George Gascón had to explain why it took so long to get him into custody.

Gascón said investigators had “suspicions” of where Reyes might have been over the past four years, but couldn't actively search for him without evidence placing him in Ramos' car.

“There were theories very early on that he was involved, but you have to go beyond theories,” Gascón said.

Those “theories,” of course, stem from the admitted driver of the culpable car identifying Reyes as the shooter. But, apparently, that wasn't enough for city law enforcement to even seek a warrant on Reyes.

“It seems ludicrous to me that police would not follow up on information provided by a murder suspect about the identity of a second suspect,” says Susan Rutberg, a professor at Golden Gate University Law School.
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