Will Supes Approve $600K Ramp in Board Chambers?

The actual file regarding the dais ramp project. This photo was taken last year

It'll be a hell of a lot nicer than that…

Tucked away among $48 million worth of funding, the Board of Supervisors Budget Committe yesterday approved the funding of a $600,000 ramp in City Hall. We've written a little bit about this — the ramp was originally priced at more than $1.1 million, but, last month, downgraded to “only” $450,000.

Of course, that $450,000 figure doesn't include the $230,000 already invested in erecting this ramp. The current figure, $600,000, presumably doesn't either. Next week, the full Board of Supervisors will have their chance to vote on this project. With the city facing a projected budget deficit hovering around $450 million, will they approve a ramp that costs more than Pablo Sandoval?

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