Yes, It Was an Earthquake

A 4.1 in San Jose, to be exact.


At 5:53 p.m., just as the sun was turning an ominous orange and setting into the smoke caused by the deadly fires in Napa and Sonoma, SF Weekly‘s newsroom rattled. It was a 4.1 earthquake, centered in Alum Rock, 12 miles east of San Jose, approximately an hour-and-a-half after a barely perceptible 1.5 struck the Calaveras Fault.

Initially recorded as a 4.4, according to the United States Geological Survey, it occurred at a depth of 7.9 kilometers below the surface. As if the region needed any more death, destruction, or Nazis today.

Considering the difficulty of getting accurate information even in the digital age, this might be a good time to re-evaluate the wisdom of calling San Jose’s soccer team the Earthquakes, because if this had been a serious disaster, I doubt anyone would want their Google results to come back with tidbits about goalie David Bingham moving to another team.

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