You Don't Know When the Rec Center's Open — and Neither Does the City

According to a fairly recent — and completely unreported — city controller's report, a reduction in hours for S.F.'s 63 city recreation centers is almost inevitable. It's not because the city doesn't have the money — for once, it does — but because it doesn't have the staff. But no one can say how drastically the centers' hours will be cut, in part because nobody can say when they're open now.

According to the study, “The (Recreation and Parks) department does not maintain official public hours of operation for their recreation centers.”

To repeat: This is not a joke.

“The department operates a mix of facilities consisting of recreation centers, clubhouses, and playgrounds,” the report clarifies. “The department currently has no published or officially established hours of operation for these facilities.”

Supervisor Bevan Dufty, who requested the report, called that fact “amazing.”

“It's hard to explain to people sometimes how much this city doesn't work,” he said dryly.

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