You Won't Be Watching Prop. 8 Trial on YouTube — So Why Not Just Show Up at the Courthouse?

This Black Friday line is apparently way worse than anything Prop. 8 trial attendees are facing

Supporters of same-sex marriage were dealt a blow by yesterday's Supreme Court ruling (5-4 — get used to this…) keeping cameras out of the ongoing Proposition 8 trial. But, for San Franciscans, there's another option and it's far more low-tech. Just go.

Trial attendees have reported to SF Weekly that, with the exception of the packed house on day one, everyone who has shown up has gotten in. You don't even have to get there at the crack of dawn; getting into the Prop. 8 trial is easier than waiting in line for a cheap laptop at Best Buy on Black Friday.

“Yeah, there are enough open seats,” reported one colleague attending the trial. “And the overflow room is awesome.”

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