In one's dream of city life, certain factors are key: a pleasant, light-filled, quiet, and maybe even spacious apartment; easy parking or access to public transportation; and amenities ranging from convenient goods and services to distinctive features such as parks and playgrounds. Part of this urbane urban fantasy concerns the neighborhood restaurant, whose appeal is not just its convenience. This eatery should also be attractive, comfortable, small enough to feel intimate, and yet large enough so that you don't feel getting a table is an impossibility. The menu should include both familiar comfort foods you'd happily order over and over again, and some surprises that might intrigue you into trying them for the first time. And affordability is key: We're not talking about a special-occasion, high-ticket spot, but one where you know you can get two or three courses, perhaps accompanied by some nice wine, without breaking the bank. It's the kind of place that might entice you out of the house when you're just too tired to cook, or when the memory of the last meal there... More >>>