Harvey Milk was a 42-year-old nobody, a wisecracking Manhattan worker bee, when he moved to San Francisco in 1972. In fact, in his mind a homosexual who couldn’t tell and live the truth was worse than a nobody. Of course, as we all know — even those of us who migrated or were born here well after the grievous events of exactly 30 years ago — he came out with an attitude and a game plan. He quickly emerged as the city’s most outspoken proponent of gay rights, a fast-talking, fast-thinking firebrand who (mostly) charmed with his impatience, insistence, and indignation. Milk was viewed as a one-issue candidate in some circles, but he was also acutely aware of the vulnerability of the elderly and the importance of unions. (For more on that, see Rob Epstein and Richard Schmiechen’s Academy... More >>>