Christian Cagigal achieves big things on a small scale. Compactly built, neatly groomed, and bookishly bespectacled, the San Francisco–based illusionist more closely resembles Harry Potter than he does Penn Jillette. Yet his far-flung grin and theatrical approach to even the most ungimmicky card tricks betray the heart of a true showman. The efficiency of his physical appearance also extends to his work, as his tricks often revolve around props that the average child can hold in the palm of one hand. In a recent TV appearance on KRON4, Cagigal entertained viewers with a miniature car built out of Lego bricks that was capable of reading minds; a matchbox with the ability to move about on its own; and a tinkling antique music box filled with wooden chips, whose manipulation by the magician toyed with everyday notions of free will. His... More >>>