Rio de Janeiro is one of those great cities that works its way into your plasma and lingers there, time and distance notwithstanding. The place positively thrums with charisma, captivating music, and an irresistible coming-together of jungle, mountain, and curving white seashore. One primary aspect of Rio's (and Brazil's) appeal is that it's a completely different experience from the rest of Latin America. While neighboring countries embrace the language and foodstuffs of Spain and the continent's myriad native cultures, Brazilians chat in Portuguese, move to the beat of the samba, and inhabit a multicultural society not unlike the United States' but with a libidinous abandon largely lacking among its more devout neighbors. Of special interest to itinerant gastronomes is the Brazilian diet, with its dishes fragrant with coconut, palm oil, and other African ingredients that have adapted well to Brazil's ecosystems and are seldom encountered in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru ...... More >>>