From a legal perspective, Girl Talk is remarkable — he isn't in jail. To us, it means copyright laws will never be the same, that they have in fact already changed and are just waiting for everybody to notice, like a teen airing a new ribcage tattoo. Of course, Girl Talk is not a political firebrand like early clip-rippers Negativland. Plus, he laid Biggie Smalls over Elton John. And, hell, just look at him, huddled over his rig, the kids crammed around him, everybody sweating, throwing handfuls of their college money, screaming. You don't put that in jail. You put that on the Grammys. The man behind the mash-ups, though, is remarkably astute on the politics of it all — his brain is a highly tuned thing due to years studying tissue engineering — arguing fair use and proclaiming pop love. In filmmaker Brett Gaylor’s doc about... More >>>