Last week, Oakland rapper Mistah F.A.B. unleashed the official video for his "Hit Me on Twitter" single, which celebrates the art of 140-character–based stalking. The week before, Rafael Casal of East Bay hip-hop act the Getback reminded folks of the Yay's knack for colorful phraseology. Casal's animated clip for "The Bay Area Slang Top 100 (The Grinch Song)" crams 100 hometown phrases into three minutes. Sample educational highlights include "Flight to Boston: the act of oral sex" and "Pockets is touchin' (pah-ketz-iz-tuh-chin): to be so broke your pockets are physically touching each other." Seen together, these local hip-hop heads have released clever viral media hits riffing on our grassroots communication trends. Their contributions double in meaning, though, as examples of rappers' creativity when it comes to spreading the word ... on the... More >>>