Whether you give them credit or hold them accountable, Teutonic hard-rock titans the Scorpions crafted a canny mix of ear-pleasing hooks and heavy guitar crunch that inspired countless platinum-selling glam-metal bands in the 1980s. Alongside American contemporaries Kiss and Van Halen, and U.K. counterparts Judas Priest, Queen, and Sweet, the Scorps — with their knack for packing hefty riffs into catchy tunes — helped lay the groundwork for the MTV-fueled rise of metal. While the band had already built a strong following in the '70s, the Scorpions thrived during the Spandex-clad era to become the biggest German musical export in history. Expressing a desire to finish their careers at the top of their game, members of the band announced plans in January to retire after 40 years of making music. With a new album that consciously harks back to their '80s apex, the Scorpions celebrate their arena-rock legacy on the current "Get Your Sting... More >>>