The oft-told definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. But there is also a different school of thought. There was once an experiment with rats in cages. Every time a rat hit a bar with its paw, it received a food pellet. The rat happily did so ad infinitum, until the bar was juiced with an electric shock. Ouch! But still the rat kept trying, only to be zapped again and again. Eventually it stopped touching the bar. Apparently, rats are not insane. So the scientists in the lab coats removed the electric shock from the bar and sat back and waited for the rat to try again. Maybe a little time would change the rodent's mind. Maybe it would be sitting there, gnawing on its woodblock, and the thought would strike it to hit that bar again, for old time's sake. Who knows? Maybe the rat would get a treat instead of a shock this time. So the scientists waited. And waited. And waited. And never again did that rat go near the bar, even though it would have received a... More >>>