Do yourself a favor and put the Dick Cavett DVD collection in your Netflix queue. I only wish that more of his old talk shows from the '70s were available; as of now, they have been whittled down to "Hollywood Greats" and "Rock 'n' Roll Legends," with people like John Huston, Katharine Hepburn, David Bowie, Sly Stone, and Frank Capra. If someone is famous enough, he or she talks to Dick for an entire hour with no other guests (the show was 90 minutes long). Most of the time he had at least three guests, so when you see Janis Joplin get interviewed, she is followed by an aged Gloria Swanson and giddy ingenue Margot Kidder, and then everyone talks together. I love this show because it is like sitting in an amazing bar, surrounded by disparate people who are thrown together for one night and somehow come up with things in... More >>>