Astute BART riders may have noticed those glossy new ads for Mace that are being displayed in the cars. "Protect your personal space with Mace," they read, showing a picture of a woman in a crowd with a five-foot circle of space around her. This is strange on so many levels. Firstly, Mace is so noxious that it is illegal in many countries — mostly ones without a pesky Second Amendment. For those who carry it, it is not a way of getting someone to move over a few inches because they are invading your "personal space," like the ad implies. Mace is supposed to thwart dangerous attackers and make them feel like their retinas are melting. (Real Mace is hard to come by; the version advertised on BART is really pepper spray created by a company called Mace Security International.) But can it seriously be taking this approach to promote the product? If I blinded everyone who invaded my comfort zone on a daily basis, half the city would be Ray... More >>>