For someone who talks as much smack as I do, I rarely seem to get any hate mail. When it does arrive, it is often from someone I have dissed in print who has obviously changed his or her name and is writing under the guise of an outraged reader. But the passion behind these letters can only be from people who had their feelings hurt. For example, there was a bartender (at a place that shall remain nameless) who gave me and my friend just about the rudest, snottiest service I had ever had, and I took great lengths to insinuate that he was an actual vampire, a sack of smegma, and worst of all, a shitty drink muddler. Sure enough, the letter came in five paragraphs, each one angrier than the one before it. He said that he was just a reader who had come upon it, but the vitriol and spite were too great for me... More >>>