South Central Los Angeles, 1987: Teren Delvon Jones was staying at his aunt's house, visiting his cousin, O'Shea Jackson, whose rap name was Ice Cube. Across the street, Jones noticed somebody playing with a remote-controlled car in a driveway. He ambled over, started a conversation, and found out that the man was a DJ and producer by the name of Sir Jinx. Jinx, it turned out, had a cousin rhyming under the name Dr. Dre who was already working on music with Ice Cube. With another member named Kid Disaster, the two were in a group called C.I.A. — a project that eventually morphed into N.W.A. At the time, Jones had his own aspirations of becoming a rapper. As he remembers it, "I impressed Sir Jinx with my rapping because he was so amazed that I could write raps so quickly and so dope. He never worked with anyone that prolific — that got him hella juiced, and he started working with me exclusively." This relationship kick-started a 20-year-strong recording career for Jones as Del the Funky Homosapien, who went on to find significant solo success and, later, as the voice of the character Russel Hobbs in Damon Albarn's... More >>>