You’d be hard-pressed to find an Etsy fashion seller who doesn’t owe his or her second income to Project Runway or Lady Gaga. This unlikely duo took the idea of turning recycled consumer products into clothing and put it in the mainstream with such authority that it has practically become the new prêt-à-porter. Still, where do you draw the line between couture and confounding? Enter Tuan Tran, whose gravity-defying creations join the monstrous with the magnificent in the quest to redefine fashion. Tran is a master of ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, and applies its lessons in shape, line, and form to recycled materials such as telephone wire, compact discs, and paper — to name only a few. But he is more than a practitioner of eco-friendly artwear. Tran’s pieces are a bold statement on modernity and connectivity. Sculpture as well as fashion are infused with a sense of history, color, and play. Tran’s... More >>>