White-collar criminal Bernie Madoff isn’t a particularly unattractive man. We might put him in a lineup with Joe Biden (he’s our current vice president, by the way), Tim Allen, or Jim Be-lushi. But have you heard who’ll play Madoff — the man who literally made off with billions of dollars through an investment scam — in an upcoming HBO movie? Robert DeNiro! (We’ll say it again:) Robert Freakin’ DeNiro! What does that say about the fairness of life? Work hard, pay your taxes, mow the lawn, keep the cat fed — then some hotshot businessman scam-ster with a bad haircut gets played by DeNiro, while you can’t afford any haircut because you’re getting played by hotshot businessman scamsters. This minor (and somewhat comi-cal) slight mirrors one of the larger issues explored by... More >>>