Call us old-world traditionalists, but we believe New Year's Eve should be about romance. There are packs of people in this big small town who think it's All That to visit the desert around Labor Day, drop acid, and fall in love with a person named Tree Frog who's wearing six sets of goggles and a bikini while witnessing what's known in rural areas as a “control burn.” Sure, sure, that's okay (we guess). Ecstasy is where you find it (or, in this case, buy it). But for our money, there's nothing more romantic than getting dressed to the nines, cracking a bottle of bubbly, embracing the one you love just before midnight on New Year's Eve, and watching fireworks – literal as well as figurative. And what better backdrop than a view of the Ferry Building, the Bay Bridge, and the San Francisco skyline? That's what you get tonight as the Port of San Francisco launches hundreds of explosives into the air... More >>>