Recurring dreams are fascinating. I dream over and over that I am back in high school. It's the last day of my senior year, I haven't been to class all semester, and I have to take a series of final exams in order to graduate. I don't know the material, naturally, because I've been playing hooky. What really baffles me about this dream is that I seem to actually give a shit whether or not I will do well on the exams and graduate, which is the opposite of what life was actually like for me in high school. I barely made it through scholastically, but I also really didn't give it much thought. I guess I knew that junior college could save me — which it did. I got straight A's there, and then transferred to school out here, where I earned my degree with a 3.8 GPA. This fact also comes up in the dream: I tell myself that I have a bachelor's degree and that I did well in college, so if I screw up in high school, at... More >>>