The notion that art and science exist in opposition to one another persists, although it’s an unnecessary — and often imaginary — divide. Many have dared to bridge the two worlds. The Cubists embraced post-Newtonian concepts in their paintings. Jackson Pollock was fascinated with bleeding-edge physics. Tom Lehrer was a Harvard-trained mathematician before he became a singer, songwriter, and satirist. Let’s not forget Thomas Dolby and They Might Be Giants. The exhibit “Vast and Undetectable” explores this intermingling of science and art. Curated by Aimee Le Duc, it features paintings, photographs, and multimedia explorations by Luca Antonucci, Reenie Charrière, Jonathon Keats (who often dresses like a mad professor), Phil Ross, Daniel Small, Heather Sparks, and Gail Wight. The artists use the figurative language of visual art to envision scientific concepts small and large that defy the human imagination, from microscopic cyanobacteria to the seemingly infinite bounds... More >>>