Watching Eiko & Koma is like observing nature. The duo is brutal and beautiful; lingering, gradual, and dynamic; deliberate and chaotic. In a word, awesome. While the two are neither natives nor residents of the Bay Area, their impact on local dance should not be underestimated. By the time they arrived in 1976, they were already hajjis of nonverbal theater. They had studied with Kazuo Ohno, the avant-garde master of butoh, in Japan, and with Manja Chmiel, a leader in Neue Tanz, the German dance movement that evolved alongside Bauhaus. Deeply inspired by both art forms, they adhered to neither. Their original work, which made its American debut in S.F., was a revelation. Soon afterward, the dancers returned for a few months every year to collaborate with Bay Area artists. Fittingly, while touring with the “Retrospective Project,” a celebration of the duo’s 40-year partnership, Eiko & Koma have decided... More >>>