At 5:12 a.m., 106 years ago today, our city was leveled. The 1906 earthquake ran along 296 miles of the San Andreas Fault. (By comparison, 1989’s Loma Prieta quake ran along 25 miles.) It was felt in Oregon, Nevada, and points south of Los Angeles. It lasted 45 to 60 seconds, which in “earthquake time” feels like half an hour. (Loma Prieta lasted 10 to 15 seconds.) The destruction from the quake and resulting fire was inconceivable by any standard. More than 3,000 dead, and 225,000 — more than half the city’s population — homeless. More than 28,000 buildings were lost, including a relatively new City Hall. Anyone who’s lived here any length of time knows the dark fascination we have with this catastrophe, especially when contemplating photographs taken... More >>>