As if things aren't bad enough for law enforcement during a three-day holiday ... No less than 400 punk rockers are due to descend upon the chain-store sanctuary of Castro Valley; and the estimated attendance doesn't include all the disgruntled hooligans who will hang around the parking lot, looking for trouble, unable to procure a ticket to the nine-band officer's nightmare that is the Lookout Freakout. But, to the benefit of every fast-food-munching, strip-driving citizen of Castro Valley, the CVPD is prepared: Two patrol cars position themselves in plain sight overlooking the mini-golf course, where harmless recreational sport is about to find itself on a collision course with mayhem. In a neighboring lot, four Highway Patrol cars steal themselves away, on the off chance some drunk punk without a license decides to play penny ante with other people's lives. Inside the well-manicured grounds of the Golden Tee, a stocky motorcycle cop with mirrored shades props an authoritative boot on a bench and sternly surveys the scene while an athletic junior officer walks from one end of the golf course to the other, winding his way through windmills and miniature shipwrecks with a... More >>>